Guildive's History
Restless Under Construction
The Restless 1934
1930's Pilothouse
1950's Sixpence
1960's Sixpence St. John
Sixpence in Cruz Bay c1969
1960's Sixpence 4
1960's Haulout
1960's Pilothouse
1960's Pilothouse
1960's Sailing
1960's William Hand Raft Up
1960's Cruz Bay
1960's Sixpence
1980's Shipyard
1980's Shipyard Puerto Rico
1980's Replacing Planks
1980's Haulout
1980's Puerto Rico
Hull and Deck Work
Replacing Planks
New Planks
Happy Owner
Bildge Blessing
Pilot House Overhaul
New Interior
Fresh Paint
Coming together
Getting put back together
Splash, after 8 years of work