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What trip should I choose aboard Guildive?

It really depends on what style of sailing you prefer. Typically, the afternoon trips have the best breeze, most exhilarating, sailing of the day. During the mid-day trips the wind is often just picking up for the day so it can be a relaxing lunch picnic trip while the morning trips can be very light winds at times. The evening sails are some of the most relaxing trips as the sun is starting to set and the wind-down of the day can be felt aboard.

Do you sail rain or shine?

Yes, we sail rain or shine. Guildive is very comfortable with a covered pilot house so with an afternoon shower we can all stay dry and still enjoy the beauty of the Maine Coast. You can also check out our cancellation policy for more details about our sailing guidelines.

Will we get back exactly on time?

We do our best to get you back to the dock exactly when we say the trip will end, however, the trips departing from Castine we may have to wait a few minutes for the public dock to clear from other visiting vessels. If you are looking to make lunch or dinner reservations please allow some buffer time for getting docked and offloaded.

What should I wear?

It can be much cooler on the water so we recommend you dress in layers. We always recommend bringing an extra jacket as well. We allow any type of shoes aboard, they do not have to be boat shoes.

Is there a bathroom aboard the boat?

Guildive does have a marine head (toilet) that can be used during the trip. If sailing on Guildive we recommend taking advantage of the shore facilities before joining us as they are much more comfortable.

Is the trip appropriate for children?

Of course! We will engage them in the workings of the vessel depending on their comfort level. We often recommend the earlier trips in the day for kids who are really young or not as comfortable aboard. Older children who would enjoy the most exhilarating sailing we would recommend the late afternoon trip. We require all children under the age of 12 to wear a life jacket. We have the kids life jackets aboard, however, if you are traveling with one that your child finds comfortable you are more then welcome to bring it along.

Do you serve food aboard?

We welcome our guests to bring their own picnic items aboard whether it be an afternoon snack, appetizers for a cocktail sail, or a picnic lunch. Guests are welcome to bring their own beer or wine as well. We will provide glasses and a bottle opener.

Where do we meet the boat?

We will meet you about 10 minutes prior to the trip at the public dock in Castine or Searsport. In Castine, if the public dock is full and we are waiting to pull in we will meet you when we tie the boat up to the pier.

Should I leave a tip?

If you felt that you had an enjoyable experience aboard gratuity is always appreciated, a customary tip is between 15% and 20%.

I have limited mobility, can I get aboard?

We do our best to accommodate everyone. We have had many guests in the past with limited mobility, including wheelchairs aboard, however, we do recommend you speak with us in person so we can explain the limitations and decide how best to get you on the boat. You can reach us by calling 207.701.1421.

Do you take pets, can I bring my dog aboard?

Due to the age of the boat and the nature of the trip we only allow documented service dogs aboard. Please let us know in advance if you are planning on bringing your documented service dog, please call 207.701.1421.

How do I book a trip?

You can either book directly on the website by clicking here or you can call us at 207.701.1421.
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